Athens Cosmic Ray Station
Barometric Coefficient Form
  Year Month Day Hour Minute
1 Hour     1 Day
Plot Type
Beta Calculation     Monthly Variation
Allow usage of 1 minute data table
Define the average pressure mb
Main Station Reference Station
Brief Description
-The Barometric Coefficient of Neutron Monitors is calculated using the NMDB Data
-Due to performance reasons, the "1 Hour" resolution is limited to 3000 points. For more points the resolution is forced to "1 Day"
-The resolution of the "Monthly Variation" plot is forced to "1 Day" for time periods more than 5 years.
-checkbox "Allow usage of 1 minute data table": use of the 1 minute data of the stations in case of 1 hour data absence
-checkbox "Define the average pressure": allows the user to enter the desired average pressure of the station
[REF] Online application for barometric coefficient calculation of the NMDB stations
P.Paschalis, H.Mavromichalaki, V.Yanke, A.Belov, E.Eroshenko, M.Gerontidou, I.Koutrompi, New Astronomy, 19,10-18, 2013