Product: Daily Forecast of Geomagnetic Activity
Issued: 2018 October 20 05:03UTC
Prepared by the Athens Space Weather Forecasting Center

1. Solar activity
Solar activity was increasing during the past 24 hours.
Solar Flux (10.7 cm) measured on 19.10.2018 at 20:00 UTC was 70 sfu.
The background X-Ray flux is at the class A2 level.
The geomagnetic field was at very quiet levels on October 19.
No obviously Earth directed CMEs were observed in available LASCO imagery.
The Kp index now is at quiet levels with Kp=1.

2. Solar Wind Geomagnetic Activity
Solar Wind speed from ACE: 295 km/s.
Solar Wind speed from STEREO A: 300 km/s.
Solar Wind speed from STEREO B: --- km/s.
The southward component Bz is: 1 nT north.

3. Solar Energetic Particle Events
Protons and electrons are quiet.

4. Coronal Holes
An extension of the northern polar coronal hole (CH890) will be in Earth facing position on October 16-18. CH890 extends up to mid-latitudes so it is not very possible to be geoeffective.

5. Geophysical Activity Forecast
The geomagnetic field is expected to be at very quiet levels, with a chance for unsettled and/or active intervals, on October 20 if CH890 become geoeffective and at very quiet levels on October 21-22.

Date Estimated Ap index Expected geom. storm
2018.10.20 02 -
2018.10.21 02 -
2018.10.22 01 -

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